Founded by Charlotte in August 2006. Steel Tree brings you the most enjoyable and relaxed dining experience matched with excellent service and great food.

Our close-knit staff takes pride in their work and actually enjoy being here–you can tell by their smiles. Working hard to maintain the high standard we expect and want you to experience–there is never a dull moment here!

Steel Tree in the early morning



Steel Tree at Settlers opened back in 2006 and the name was taken from the Steel Tree sculpture that is situated on the corner of Tranby and Brennan Drive in The Settlers Hill Estate. It symbolises the history of Rockingham and the fine Tuart Trees that once grew in the area. The developing company Stockland, together with the City Of Rockingham created the steel structure as a reminder of the past and ongoing future.

Over the last nine years. Steel Tree has been a part of the Baldivis Community and has employed many locals, including Tranby College students who have worked for us and still currently do.

The Head Chef, Zac was from Tranby College and joined Steel Tree in 2007 as a kitchen hand and has worked his way up to become our current Head Chef. He was trained and learnt from some amazing Chefs over his time and with the help of the kitchen team he has put together the meals you will enjoy today. We hope that you enjoy your experience with us today and if anything is not right, we ask that you please pass on any concerns to one of our experienced staff members who will endeavor to assist in any way possible.

So thank you for supporting us as a small business in your local community. We look forward to continuing our hospitality and service to you in the coming years.